The Best Binary Options Robot

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The Best Binary Options Robot

Stock trading is a very common practice these days. In a usual trading way, a buyer purchases certain quantity of shares and then he sells it when the price reaches a particular point. The price could be either lower or upper to the purchase price depending upon the trade selected.

This is the native trading option which is known to everyone. Now days, a new trading has evolved which is known as Binary trading option. In case of binary trading, a trader has only two options to select from. Either he can take away some fixed profit or he takes nothing.  In case of binary option, the performance of a stock is estimated during a time frame. As we can see, this option can only be best suited for advanced traders and not for beginners.

What are Binary Option Robots?

Binary option robots are typically software’s that are used to automate binary option trade. When we say automation it means that trading is triggered without human interventions. These trading software’s run analytics algorithm in the back. These algorithms take multiyear data for the stock and then analyze the same to find out a trigger price for the stock. Since this software’s works automatically, they are also called robot.

There are lots of Binary options robots available in the market now days.

The Best Binary Option Robot:

Binary Option Robot is one of the best automatic trading software available in market these days. This software is very simple to use and install. This is considered to be only robot option available in the market which is 100% automated. Since this software is 100% automated, this does not require any human intervention. As a result, a trader can trade in the market while continuing with his regular day to day work. As we can see, this software provides lot of advantages. Let us look at some of them:

  1. Trading software providing 100% automation
  2. With winning ratio of 85%, it is highly reliable
  3. The usage of the software is very simple
  4. Trader does not need to possess any pre-knowledge.
  5. In case if you are not satisfied with the performance, you can take your money back in first 60 days
  6. Provides wide range of compatibility with OS like Windows, Tabs or Mac.

auto-trading (1)

How This Software Works?

Binary Option Robot uses the current real time data and analyzes the same. As we know in case of binary trading, there are two options which is ‘Call’ or ‘Put’. This software after analyzing the data signals to make either of these calls. As soon as the analysis is done and trigger is decided, this software triggers the trade.

The trader has to decide on a strategy and provide this software with the strategy. This software runs in the background and does all the analysis. This does not interfere with the current operations going on the system and hence the user can carry on with his routine work while this software takes care of analysis in the background. Once you do not want to trade further, you need to deactivate the strategy.

auto-trading (1)Although this software makes life easy for lots of traders by doing all the analysis work, it goes without saying that nothing comes easy. There are lots of such software available in the market. There are some which are genuine but at the same time, there are some which is fake. One has to be very cautious in selecting the right software.  If used properly, this software can certainly add a lot of value to your trade and certainly act as a boon.

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Trading Binary Options with Robot Software

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Trading Binary Options with Robot Software

Trading with Different Commodities

There is very less chance that a binary options trade may go wrong, most of the time it is assumed that it will provide the traders a high profitability ratio. The stress of acquiring the losing positions keeps the traders involved in the market. They tend to sell and buy the commodities in a quick frame of time according to the high low value of the commodities. Traders are planning to maximize their profits by implementing every bit of technique they can.

They apply these techniques after having a well-calculated knowledge of the market. There are many commodities that can be used as a binary option to maximize the volume of your business. While planning a trade, traders ought to include utilizing a rational method that has dependably performed after some time. Binary options are very helpful in trading, as they are easy to trade and have a high profitability ratio. You can make up to 80% profits with broker like Boss Capital.

Binary Options Trading
Binary option is the high low value of the asset you have purchased in a continuous running market. The asset when at a higher price giving a high value of the asset is called as the Call position. Whereas in contrast to it when the value of the asset in a particular market is low it is called as the Put position. Some of the technical traders use the binary options chart to let the trade go in their favor. This is a very positive activity as the use of charts software will increase the traders will better know when to Call and when to Put their binary options.

Special Signals for the Robots

Binary options robots are very helpful in doing trades in the binary market. The binary options robots are special software’s that are installed in a computer or a device having an internet connection. These robots are operated by special signals which come from the stock markets. These signals are called as binary options signals.

The robots use these signals as a sign of trade and according to the signal the binary options trade a call or a put. These robots are very handy in giving the new traders of the market some experience of the binary market. The traders using the help of binary options robots know when to trade a call or a put. This is a great way to train the unexperienced traders.

Robots Receiving Signals

The robots receive a special type of signals from the binary options market and trade according to the received signals. The signals are provided by expert market brokers and market specialists. The user of the robots sets a specific limit according to the ongoing market conditions. When the value of a specific commodity reaches that limit the robots trade the stock or commodity. The trader don’t necessarily need to look upon every trade being made by the robots. The robots act as a helping hand for the trader.

Mobile Apps for the Robots

With the robots mobile version is also available. You can connect your mobile device with robots and trade in any corner of the world. You can see the prevailing market conditions, and depending upon those conditions you can trade with the help of your binary robots. You only need an internet connection with your mobile device. It connects traders to the binary robots and to the binary market and traders can easily trade even if they are far from their home.

rob2This technique is very useful in trading. The robots keep you updated of the recent market positions. The traders don’t need to visit the stock market on the regular basis to know about the market conditions. The SMS service of the binary options robot keeps the traders updated about the stock market.

Ease for Traders

The robots are special software’s made for the ease of new traders in the market. As computer operations are easier than spending a whole day in the stock market. The traders deem it easy to buy binary options robots than visiting the stock market on daily basis. Trading with binary options has become easier and very handy. Binary options are very easy to trade using the binary options robots. The trading in the binary market has increased due to the invention of the binary options robots. The automated trading has increased the traffic in the binary market.

Binary Options Helpful for Economy

As more traders getting attracted towards the stock market, there is a probability that there will be more investments in the market. The stock market acts as the backbone of the economy of a country. And the growth of the stock exchange helps in growing the economy of the country. More investments in the stock market helps the economy to be stronger. Stronger the economy more is the balance of trade. And it helps a country stabilize in the international market.

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A Look at the Risks in Binary Options Trading

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A Look at the Risks in Binary Options Trading

Binary trading is a sort of trading having just two possible outcomes at the end of transactions. Those are either you get a fine amount of money in terms of profit, or you don’t get anything at all. The two main types of binary trading include cash or nothing, and assets or nothing options. Binary trading is a sort of gamble, but you can earn heavy profits if you do it just right.

tr3Binary trading has been a simple, yet profitable way to earn money. People these days are so much into binary trading as it is an easy and profitable way to make money from stocks. Before you invest your hard earned money into binary trading, you need to be fully aware of all the risk factors involved that could make you lose your money. The Major risks involved while making binary trades are described below:

What to worry about with binary trading?

Even if you are fully well-informed of all the involved risks, binary options trading itself is a big risk. So, you need to perform all your homework before you take any step. You need to conduct a research about all the known and unknown aspects of the trade before you invest a dime. After being aware of all the details, you need to come up with a strategy that is the safest and involves the minimum amount of risks. It’s money that we are talking about. It’s like playing with fire. So you have to play safe. Otherwise you could lose your life time savings there.

The major types of involved risks:

As discussed above, you cannot be absolutely sure that you are never going to lose any money even if you are aware of every tiny detail. But yes, knowing everything in detail, you will be standing a far better chance to make huge profits than other people who are not very well informed. Knowing all the potential risks can help you make wise and winning moves. You could adopt the safest path if you know what path leads to the trickiest contests. Being fully aware could make you focus on the meaningful factors rather than making you worry about what is going to happen if you lose, and having the right level of concentration and focus is what you need to be rich. Some of the main risk factors involved with binary trading are the following:

Market Risk:

Just like making all other investments, there is a huge risk factor about how the binary options trading market behaves. Even if you have a strong grasp about all the current trends, even then you can’t rightly predict how the market is going to behave after a certain span of time. Market is ruthless. It changes its direction without the issuance of a prior warning. If you are a financial pro, you could predict to some extent where the market is going. But even then, nothing can be stated for sure. So, you have to keep the market risk in mind before you make any investments.

tr1Capped or fixed profits:

While you are trading binary options, you need to be aware of the fact that it works with fixed profits. Basically both the losses and the profits are of limited amounts. This means that you cannot make more than a limited amount of money in profits. But the brighter side is you do get to lose only a limited amount of money in terms of losses. So you have to keep this risk in mind while investing in binary trading.

Accurate profit or loss points:

On contrary to any other sort of investments, binary options’ trading is measured in terms of slightest tick. In simple words, three or four decimal points could decide whether you have made any profits or are broke with heavy losses.

Illiquid investment:

Binary options’ trading is not known to be any liquid natured investment. This means that the investor will have to wait for a certain period of time so that the options may expire. After the expiration, you will get whatever you have earned or lost in profits and losses respectively.

No ownership of any of the fundamental assets:

Binary options’ trading is based upon the changing directions of an underlying asset. So, no one is allowed to invest in the ownership of any sorts of palpable properties. Some of the investors are okay with this no ownership rule, while some of them consider it to be a potential threat. If you are interested in investing in binary options’ trading, you need to carefully think about if you are comfortable with this clause or not.

Sparse regulations:

One big factor to worry about is that currently the OTC markets are not regulated by any sort of governmental authority. So you could be facing any sort of crooked or dodgy activities in the market. So you have to make your nerves strong if you are into investing in an OTC market.

How to cater the involved risks in binary trading?

CTOption Review for example of legit and trustworthy binary broker.

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What Do You Need to Know About Binary Options Signals

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What Do You Need to Know About Binary Options Signals

Trading in binary options involve a high degree of speculation. This speculations are however minimized with the amount of information one has in the different markets that these options are to be found. However for most people, these information is not readily available. Binary option signals exist to remedy this. These signals are tips derived from the moves experts and top binary option traders. As they invest in these securities most of the time being on information a rookie would not have, all that has to be done for the rookie to make money is know when the expert is making a move on his security and follow his lead.

How they work

Most of these operate as organizations via the internet. The first step here being to set up an account with them on their website. For most of these organizations, registration is only complete with payment of a registration fee which varies with individual sites. Most also come with a free trial period under which involves an interested party using the site and its signals for free for a limited duration.

using signals


On being registered, whether permanently or on trial, you have access to a dashboard showing all the trades of a particular trading day. This comes together with deep analysis of the market and of course the tips on what to ‘put’ and what to call. A few sites also have fully automated processes that actually do more than hand you tips but also place trade. To do this will involve you setting up an account and linking it to your preferred broker account. The tips are then sent directly to your broker account which acts according to their advice when making a trade.

What is left is choosing an amount to trade and when the signal is up, your trade will be made. After this all that is required is to monitor the quality of the signals and the money made. There is also the freedom to change your trading preferences anytime.

The risks involved

Some of these signal sites are complete frauds. The main intention being to part you and your money. They will normally charge you a very high cost to access their signals only for them not to be worth their cost. To make things worse, as they are bad signals acting on their information might lead to more losses in form of poor trades. To remedy this requires very stringent checks from potential users. Mix up a few techniques in your probe to find the best signal sources.

risk management

  • Search for reviews of the site online. You are bound to find a user of a provider that interests you. It might be a former, now disgruntled user who will tell you all that is bad with the provider. As well it might be a happy client who has nothing but praise for a provider. Either way you will be better informed won’t you?
  • The comments section of all websites also have a thing or two you can learn from. Don’t base your decisions solely on what you find here as the website administrators can remove comments they do not like.
  • You can also ask around from those who have used signal providing services of their experiences with such. If it’s good for them, it will probably be good enough for you too.

Free Signals

These exist as well, but be warned, most of these are scams. The trick here is even as you are enticed to set up free accounts with them, you will be required to set up recommended broker accounts and deposit money. Owners of these sites earn money from these brokers, while, If you refer clients you earn some cash as well. It should be noted that their main function they perform pathetically! Due to this, you should avoid them at all cost.

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Binary Options Day Trading Explained

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Binary Options Day Trading Explained

Probably you have heard about day trading as it affects to forex and some other forms of financial trading. Maybe this is the first time you are hearing of binary options day trading. So, just to let you know that the concept of day trading is simple: all you need to do is to open a trade position and close it inside the same trading day. So, it means the practice of closing or opening a binary options contract location inside the same trading day – when we speak of binary options day trading.


Keep in mind that all binary options contracts have expiration times and dates, and the conventional binary options contract has a permanent expiry unless the trader is using a platform that offers a changeable option expiry. The trader can’t close the position manually the way it is done in other financial markets once the expiry has been set and the trade is active. And as such, a binary options day trading contract will engage choosing an expiry that will cause the trade to conclude inside the same trading day.




The option of trading platform will decide what kind of expiry time/date is used in setting a binary options day trading contract. Brokers that use the SpotOption white-label platform (iOption, Dragon Options, TraderRush, et cetera) have defaulting intraday expiration times for their classical Put7Call option, and also let traders to decide intraday expiries by the use of the OptionBuilder trade type. Also, there is the sixty second option and the High Yield Touch option that also permits the trader in order to carry out a binary options day trade by putting an intraday expiry time. So, with the SpotOption white-label platform, it is very simple to utilize intraday expiry times. If the trader is using a awhite-label broker such as OptionFair or AnyOption, it will let the broker more incomplete intraday expiry options. The trader will only be able to use intraday expiries for the Low-High trade or the High Yield Boundary options. Some other brokers who use more modified solutions such as BetonMarkets will only allow intraday expiry times using their High/Low or Rise/Fall options, and even at that, only on confident asset classes. So it is very significant for the trader to know which platform he is using so as to time his trades to expire inside the same trading day.


It is obvious that binary options day trading contracts have a tendency to be more speculative and puts the trader under a greater amount of pressure for the trade to perform, from this information. Then, only strategies that can carry profitable targets for the trade inside a maximum time frame of twenty four hours should be used.

In general, the following assets can be used for binary options day trading:

  • Stock indices
  • Currencies
  • Commodities
  • Stocks


Absolutely, the best bet would be to set up a strategy that can tell if an asset will be lower or higher than a certain strike price inside a twenty four-hour time frame.

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Binary Options and Day Trading – Difference

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Binary Options and Day Trading – Difference

Binary options along with day trading are both approaches to make (or lose) cash in the monetary markets, however they are diverse creatures. A binary option is a kind of options in which your benefit or loss depends totally on the result of a yes or no business sector suggestion: a binary options merchant will either make an altered benefit or a settled loss. Day Trading, then again, is a type of exchanging whose seats are opened and shut amid the same exchanging session. A day trader’s benefit or loss relies on various variables, including cost of entry, cost of exit, and the shares quantity, parts or contracts that the broker purchased and sold.

An option is a money related subsidiary that gives the holder the privilege, yet not the commitment, to either purchase or offer a settled measure of a security or other budgetary resource at a settled upon value (the strike cost) prior to a predefined date. A binary option, nonetheless, consequently works out, so the holder does not have the decision to purchase or offer the hidden resource.


Binary options are accessible on a mixture of hidden resources, including stocks, items, monetary standards, files and even occasions, for example, a forthcoming Fed Funds Rate and Nonfarm Payrolls declarations. A binary option represents a yes or no inquiry: for instance, Will the cost of gold be bigger than $1,325 at 2:00 p.m.? If you think yes, you purchase the binary option; if you think no; you offer. The cost at which you purchase or offer the binary option is not the real cost of gold (in this case) yet a quality somewhere around 0 and 100. The exchanging reach varies for the duration of the day, however dependably settles at either 100 (if the response is yes), or 0 (if the response is no). The broker’s benefit or loss is computed utilizing the contrast between the settlement value (0 or 100) and your opening value (the cost at which you purchased or sold).


As a conclusion, binary options merchants “bet” on whether a benefit’s cost will be above or underneath a certain sum at a predetermined time. Informal investors additionally endeavor to anticipate value course, yet benefits and losses rely on upon components like section value, way out value, size of the exchange, and cash administration procedures. Like binary options brokers, informal investors can go into an exchange knowing the greatest benefit or loss by utilizing benefit targets and stop losses. Case in point, an informal investor may enter an exchange and set a benefit focus of approximately $200 and a stop loss of approximately $50. Unofficial investors, however, are able to “let their benefits run” to exploit extensive value moves. Obviously, day traders could likewise let their losses escape from control by not utilizing stop losses or by risking a trade and hope it will come out the other way. Day traders purchase and sell different types of instruments containing stocks, monetary standards, fates, wares, files and ETFs.

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Is it possible to live from binary options trading

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Is it possible to live from binary options trading

While internet is full of all the posts for strategies used for trading, and all the articles about money management, brokers, psychology of trading, indicators, trading software options and a lot more, you can easily get all the knowledge you need to go inside of this water and start trading binary options. But, the main and most important question here is if one will/can be able to live from trading binary options? That is a question every person has to ask themselves before even considering doing this kind of ‘’job’’. You should think’ ’can I start with this and do it every morning in a week, but logging onto my computer, pull up my charts and the broker I’ve chosen to trust to and do this ad my job, every day for many years to come, without a fear that I won’t have money for living and a chance that I would maybe have to get back to my old day job one day, and can I at the end retire as a happy and comfortable person? Well, it is not that easy to give an answer to this kind of question. Since, every person separately who will do this job will have a different situation, and If we may say different destiny. For some it can be absolutely possible and completely enough to do this for a living, if it shows up that they are ‘’made’ ’for this, that they have talent needed to learn and apply all the strategies and be good at it. In the forum called you can find a very useful article in which you can find a probability Choosing-a-Binary-Options-Brokerspreadsheet which can be very useful for you in order to show you what is the amount of money that you can make and earn in the period of time you are given, and with startup capital given to you (in the money percentage), you will have to take trades every day, invest a percentage and other things of the similar nature connected with this job.

If you really decide to try getting involved with this as your real job, and the job that will give you money for your living, you should know that you will need some time to get the profitability to the place where it will be big enough to be enough for your living. You will more often going not to need a lot of capital for start-up. In the theory (which can become realistic of course) you can change small amounts of your startup capital to larger sums. But if you want to do this and to be successful in it you will need to make yourself able to: 1) have a big ITM percentage and 2) take trades in higher volume and do this continually. You can make smaller sums became larger ones by trading with lower volumes, but this can be very risky and will be involved with money managements which are risky. It basically means that your trade size will be nearly equal or completely equal to the amount of the winning trade you previously won. Either way, if you really decide to go with this business, you need to be aware that no one can guarantee a hundred percent of success and enough money for living.


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